A really great experience. Hot photos but the reality is even hotter. Super massage skills from a very friendly and welcoming guy. Photos do not do him justice. Really recommended.


" I owe this hottie a long overdue review:
I was in London for 2 weeks last year December 2015 - on a business visit. I searched on PR initially looking for a good massage, but stumbled on this Greek God instead ;). Alex is classy and humble, and above all GORGEOUS.

He welcomed me into his house like a dear friend. I was nervous at first as I haven't had much experience meeting with strangers but Alex made me comfortable right away. He made conversations to ease me into the mood. 
You won't be disappointed. Overall I highly recommend Alex if you are ever in town and in need of a good companion. ;) I know I will."


"I've met Alex on a few occasions, each one special. Perfect good looks, perfect body, great personality and the best manners. I am already looking forward to seeing this exceptionally fine and super-masculine man again!! "


"This guy has amazing flawless skin and superb muscular physique, just like his photos. I did wonder if they had been retouched but he is the genuine article. Very good time with this guy and he gave me the most relaxing Indian facial massage as well. Hope to see him again very soon. "


"My Goodness
You honestly reflect my absolute dream man (and i am sure you do as well for millions of others)....
Dude there is nothing on you which is not perfect
My biggest respect and compliments to you
Hope soon to see you in Luxembourg 
Big Kiss"


"What a dream!
This guy is absolutly magic: giving eveything possible.
Nice and powerful body.
Full of kindness and carefulness: will give you all accordingly to what you are looking for ;>
Magic hands.
Well-educated guy.
Try him, you deserve him!
Hope to meet him very soon again!"


"Just perfect!!!!! absolute nice attidute ! very polite and the most sexy guy.. unfortunately due to distance and the crisis cannot afford to meet you more often, (each day I mean ) xaxa"